I was reading on a blog I discovered today about mature men that are nines and dimes. This is what FeministX had to say:

“I haven't met the extreme Alpha yet. I hope to God that he's hideous if I ever do meet him. If not, I'm a serious goner. Extreme alpha is also tragically more intelligent than crush, who's no dummy.

It's almost not worth pretending I can be rational about this. If extreme alpha wants me, I can only pray that he will tire of me quickly.”

“I don't know how to explain it. The presence of an alpha male is akin to an inebriated 9.5 in a slutty dress on your bed. She's about to fall asleep, but she takes her thong off to feel more comfortable. You know there might be consequences to taking advantage of her but how can you resist.

Except it's even worse because at least you can see pretty girls every day. You see them on TV or walking down the street. An alpha male is something that you only come across every few months. Imagine living somewhere where all the chicks are 4s and then suddenly the drunk 9.5 is on your bed, willing. She is willing but you have no condom. This is the level of temptation presented to me.”


This leads up to today’s post: Are you a nine or dime, and you just don’t realize it yet? Let me explain. I am a 6’4” guy. However, I am skinny, and I’d say that in the face, I’m somewhere between a 7-8. I know that I look better than most mature men, however, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I am a 9-10 in the face. I am very aware of what I look like. However, what I just quoted confirms that looks aren’t exactly what makes a guy HOT.

Let me give you an idea. I’ve never really had any problems attracting mature women. I’ve had women chase me down, approach me, and go out of their way to talk to me. And I’ve also had at least four mature women say that they wanted to have sex with me without ever hanging out with or really talking to me at all (mature women can spot alphas by the way they present themselves). You already know about the one girl whose first words to me were “I want to fuck you.”.

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I’ve also slept with a virgin within an hour of meeting her, and I had another virgin crying and begging because I would not sleep with her. I also had a girl drive all the way down here, barely knowing anything about me, and instantly fuck me simply because she knew that I was an alpha (she was going by what her friends who had met me, told her).

And then it really hits you when you easily get a hot girl, thinking that for whatever reason, she just has a thing for skinny guys. However, when you see her after you’re done with her, she’s with a huge steroid looking dude. This leads me to recall how some of the mature women I’ve been with have said that I’m their first black guy and/or that they don’t normally fuck with skinny guys. I’ve also had random girls grab me, kiss me, and women are always nice to me; even the most vicious ones. It is very rare for me to get flat out rejected by a girl or have her treat me the way I’ve seen them treat other mature men.

Getting back to my point, you might be a nine or ten and not even realize it yet. When I talk about some of the above with other senior men, none of the above ever happens to them. If you are just really funny, intelligent, AND the masculine mature womenertive type, chances are, you are probably a nine or ten in the eyes of most senior women that you meet. It took me 25 years to figure that out. It’s not just about the way you look that will make you a nine or ten.

I think that men tend to think that if they aren’t the most physically attractive guy, that his personality will just cause an older woman to look past his physical attributes and that‘s it. However, not only can your personality cause women to look past your looks, but it can actually cause women to see you as a top tier guy that absolutely makes their panties WET.

My point is that you may be a top tier guy and not even realize it yet. If any of the above happens to you on a consistent basis, then you can start using it to your advantage and using it as leverage against senior women and getting away with whatever you want. You don’t necessarily need a lot of game if you are a nine or dime; just let your presence and personality do the work for you.